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Buy a pie, or four, and help continue the mission of Mama’s Kitchen.


Yes, it’s that time of year – Pie Time!! Mama’s Kitchen continues to provide nutrient-dense, delicious, and scratch-crafted meals to those living with HIV, cancer, or other critical illnesses – three meals a day, seven days a week, at no cost to our clients.

You can choose from pumpkin, pecan, apple and Dutch apple, all for $25 each. Or you can buy Virtual Pies to insure that I can deliver a pie to each client on my route on Thanksgiving Day. That way all of you outside of the San Diego area can help too.

Purchasing one pie provides the equivalent of eight nutritious meals. And we are all aware that Food is Medicine. Thank you for your support of Mama’s!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have other questions?

Give us a call at 619-233-6262 or email We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Happy Thanksgiving!

What are the days and times I can pick up my pie?

Pies are available to pick up from our public distribution sites on Wednesday, November 21st, between 10am-4pm. If you requested a Tuesday pick up when you ordered your pie, you can pick it up at the Mama’s Kitchen location between 9am-5pm on Tuesday, Nov. 20th (3960 Home Avenue, San Diego 92105). Please check your receipt to find your designated pick up day and place.

What happens if one of my pies is damaged?

Every single donated pie must pass our quality control process at Pie Central before heading to our pie pick up sites. However, mistakes do occasionally occur. If your pie is damaged, we will replace it or refund your purchase price. We will also offer you a voucher for a free pie for next year’s pie sale. Just give us a call or email

What happens if I buy a pie and forget to pick it up within the specified time?

Due to space and refrigeration limitations, we require that all pies be picked up on the designated day. If pies are not picked up, they are donated to a local charity.

Where can I purchase my pie?

You can purchase your pies:

  1. Online at
  2. By calling 619-233-6262
  3. By using a paper order form from one of our volunteer pie sellers.

Rather than buy a pie, I want to make a gift to Mama's Kitchen. Can I do this online?

Yes, just click the ‘Make a Donation’ link at the top of the homepage at We appreciate your support!

What is the minimum number of pies I can set as my sales goal?

You can sell any number of pies you feel comfortable with! Remember, for every pie you sell, Mama’s Kitchen can prepare and deliver over eight lifesaving meals to one of our clients, so the more you sell, the more you are helping those in need. Go to your personal Pie Seller page (‘My Pie Sales’) to update your Pie Sales Goal and have fun with it!

If I can't make it to a pick-up location, what should I do?

A friend can pick up your pie for you with your order number. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver the pie to you. If you neglect to pick up your pie, it will be donated to a charity. If you know ahead of time that you will be unable to pick up your pie, buy a Love-A-Client pie for a Mama’s Kitchen client instead!

I am going out of town for Thanksgiving. Can I have my pies sent out of town?

Unfortunately we are not able to send pies out of San Diego. You can pick up your pies early at Mama’s Kitchen, 3960 Home Avenue, on Tuesday, Nov. 20th from 10am-4pm if you select this option when checking out. (Otherwise, you can pick up your pies on the day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday Nov. 21st, from your designated pick up location.) Or you can order a Love-A-Client donated pie and help feed our neighbors in need (you’ll automatically be entered to win a $500 Amazon gift card, too)! Now that’s a sweet deal.

Are pie purchases tax-deductible?

Yes! $15 of each pie purchased is tax-deductible, and $25 (100%) of each Love-A-Client virtual pie is tax-deductible.

When is the last day I can order pies?

You can order your pies online until Sunday, November 18th at midnight. If you wish to order using a paper order form, please order by Wednesday, November 14th.

Will you deliver my pies to me?

We have 21 public Pick-Up sites around San Diego County. If you are a Pie Seller and wish to designate your own site as a Pick-Up Site for your pie buyers, you may do so. If you sell 40 or more pies, we will deliver them to your Pick-Up Site.

Can I designate my own place of business as a pie pick up site?

Yes! Just fill out the Private Pick-Up Site form (located in the Marketing Materials tab on your Pie Sales page) or call Ben at 619-233-6262. If you sell 40 pies or more, we will even deliver those pies to your private pick up site! Be sure to give your buyers your assigned Pick-Up Site number so they can indicate your Pick-Up Site as their designated pick up location when they order.

What flavors do the pies come in, and can I request which baker makes my pie?

We have Traditional Apple, Pumpkin, Pecan and Dutch Apple pies. Unfortunately, it is not possible to request a pie from a particular baker, but we assure you that all the pies are quality-checked and baked with love.

How much does it cost to purchase a pie?

Traditional apple, pumpkin, pecan or Dutch Apple pies cost $25. Our Love-A-Client (donated) pies are also $25.

$15 of each pie purchased is tax-deductible, and $25 (100%) of each Love-A-Client donated pie is tax-deductible.

Who bakes the pies?

Over two dozen local bakers, restaurants, and caterers support our pie sale. A full listing of pie bakers can be seen on the “Bakers” page of our website.

What do I have to do to be a Pie Seller?

It’s easy. Just sign up as a Pie Seller online, either as an individual or under a Team name. Through our website, you can get the word out to friends, co-workers and family. Post your own personal message, print out flyers and marketing materials, send reminder e-cards, and link to Facebook and Twitter, all from your ‘My Pie Sales’ page at! We need pie sellers to help us meet our goal of 4,000 pies, so join us!

What is a Virtual Pie?

Our Virtual Pie is a donated pie that goes directly to a Mama’s Kitchen client. Instead of receiving a physical pie, holiday pie and meals will be donated to our clients, and you will automatically be entered into a drawing to win a $500 Amazon gift card (just in time for the holidays, too!). The more Virtual Pies you purchase, the more times you will be entered to win, so be generous! 100% of the price of each Virtual Pie is tax deductible($25).

New website and logo

We launched the brand new Mama’s Pies website and logo

Started preheating the ovens and gathering the ingredients

We started preheating the ovens and gathering the ingredients for our most successful Mama’s Pies Bake Sale ever!

Mama’s Pies website gets a facelift

The Mama’s Pies website went offline temporarily to get a facelift and make it easier for all of our bakers, teams, fundraisers and pie buyers to participate!

Mama’s Pies last year’s sale was a success

After 13 years of growth and support from the community, Mama’s Pies finished last year’s sale with over 31 local bakers, 37 pie selling teams, support from several community partners, and over $137,000 in revenue

First Mama’s Pies Thanksgiving Bake Sale

The first ever Mama’s Pies Thanksgiving Bake Sale kicked off, marking the beginning of a yearly tradition where local San Diego bakeries and restaurants donate homemade pies to Mama’s Kitchen, raising over $60,000 to feed people battling HIV/AIDS and cancer

Campaign started


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