Our Mission:

Mama’s Kitchen, a community-driven organization, believes that everyone is entitled to the basic necessity of life — nutritious food. Our nutrition services improve the lives of women, men, and children vulnerable to hunger due to HIV, cancer, or other critical illnesses.

Who We Are:

With the tremendous support from our caring community, we prepare and deliver nutritious meals for our neighbors struggling with AIDS or cancer who are too sick to shop and cook for themselves. Together with hundreds of volunteers, businesses, and community supporters, Mama’s Kitchen strives to help our clients stay healthy, preserve their dignity, and keep their families together by providing free, culturally appropriate home-delivered meals, along with pantry services and nutrition education.

Our Vision for the Future:

At Mama’s Kitchen, we envision a community where all individuals with critical illnesses are no longer vulnerable to hunger.

Our Programs:

Home Delivered Meal Service- delivers 100% nutrition (breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 365 days a year) to San Diego County residents affected by HIV or cancer, on a countywide basis, free of charge. This signature service is comprised of three programs:

  • HIV Nutrition Program - for individuals unable to prepare their meals due to the debilitating effects of HIV.
  • Cancer Nutrition Program - for individuals unable to prepare their meals due to the debilitating effects of cancer.
  • Children's Nutritional Health Program - for meal recipients dependent children.

Mama's Pantry - a monthly free grocery shopping opportunity for HIV-positive residents who are healthy enough not to require our meal deliveries, but who remain vulnerable to hunger due to a limited income. 

Nutrition Education Service - one-on-one nutritional counseling by our Registered Dietitian to evaluate and improve client’s nutritional health.

Visit us at www.mamaskitchen.org

Help Our Neighbors in Need:

“I was going through chemo & radiation treatment, I was in bed for a week. I could not do a thing, let alone fix myself something to eat. It is so painful to walk, stand or even get in a car to go to the store.  I look forward to those few minutes when my food is dropped off by Mama’s family of volunteers. They always smile. Without Mama’s help I would not be able to get food, but most of all I would miss the helper’s words of love and their kind smiles!”

- 'Diego'

"Before I started receiving Mama’s Kitchen, I did not know where my next meal was coming from, I was 20 lbs. underweight, had no energy and was under constant stress. Just knowing there is food in my fridge has given me great relief. I have since gained 20 lbs., and now I eat fresh fruit daily. Without Mama’s Kitchen, I can’t even imagine what would have happened. Most likely, I wouldn’t be here at all."

- 'Sharon'

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